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Explosion-Proof Electronic Truck Scale
2018-10-26 15:48 Tel:0086 18237122158
Explosion-Proof Electronic Truck Scale
SCS-XT (FB) type explosion-proof electronic truck scale electronic floor scale features:
1. Self-test function, tare memory function
2. Set overload limit, range automatic switching, axis metering function;
3. SMD soldering process, all industrial grade components
4. Complete self-test function and multiple error message prompts
5. Fully digital automatic correction of the corners makes debugging more worry-free and less laborious
6. Zero tracking range, power-on zero range and button zero range can be set
7. With accurate clock, calendar, automatic leap year, and moon, no power interruption
8. Powerful data management function for data record storage, inspection, deletion, printing, etc.
9. It can be used with almost all kinds of dot matrix printers, and can print various forms of Chinese weighing records.
10. Printable daily reports, classified statistical reports, various general reports, monitor operating parameters and rate reports
11. Personalized printing: Users can compile the printed pound format, print the user's own unit name, print Chinese characters, etc.