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Truck Scale Electronic Weighbridge
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Truck Scale Electronic Weighbridge
SCS-XT (GS) type concrete structure electronic truck scale electronic platform scale brief description:

The structure of the truck scale electronic scale is commonly known as "cement scale" \ "electronic platform scale", replacing the traditional steel structure countertop with concrete structure countertop, lightning protection, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, long service life, stable performance, fundamentally solved Some unsolvable problems of steel structure truck scales have been widely used at home and abroad. From the current development of bridge technology in the world, it can be foreseen that the steel bridges that we used to be in the past will be gradually replaced by the truss bridges, and the high-speed rails all adopt the truss bridges and subgrades, which are sufficient to prove the stability and reliability of the raft structure. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, port terminals, mines, cold storage, fresh market, fair metering stations, etc. It is especially suitable for chemical enterprises with chemical corrosion, coastal high salt and wet areas.
Technical Parameters:
Lightning strike Non-conductor structure scale body to avoid damage caused by lightning strikes such as sensors, weighing displays and equalizers.
Preservative The structure of the electronic truck scale electronic scale body is resistant to chemical corrosion, especially for corrosive chemical companies and coastal high salt and humid areas.
No rust, maintenance free The non-metallic scale body does not rust, no need to paint maintenance, and the maintenance cost of the user is greatly reduced.
High precision and good stability The electronic structure of the electronic truck scale is self-contained with small swing, strong rigidity and no deformation. It has a certain pre-pressure on the sensor to ensure that the sensor works in the best linear section, so the precision is high, the linearity is good, and the stability is good.
No deformation, long life Prestressed pouring concrete structure electronic truck scale electronic scale body added anti-corrosion agent, long deformation life.
Modular design for easy installation Multi-layer threaded steel ribs, integral bridge structure, modular design, standardization of countertops, serialization, easy to transport and install.
New Materials Advanced bridge design and manufacturing technology, strict quality control system, effectively ensure product quality and reduce the weight of the scale body, easy to install on site.
Truck Scale Electronic WeighbridgeTruck Scale Electronic Weighbridge